hi there,

    • We love creating
      rich web interfaces

    • & make them be
      Responsive Web Designs

    • That supports all devices
      & integrating them

    • to CMS driven sites,
      using eminent new technologies,

    • delving deep to create an image that's

    • recognizable to many users, which brings

    • productivity to your services
      building an icon of recognition

    • for users to have a
      better user experience

    • thus, we call ourselves
      Webina Media.

we create themes what you want and not include!

some of our projects

webinamedia.com devider
  • The Fath ResidenciesOpen or Close

    Launch date: 14th March 2016

    A landing page before the site was done

    The Fath Residencies Landing page

    The code was written, and was installed as a Joomla 3.4 Template (our own coded template structure) for the concept created from Adobe Photoshop, which makes the site unique to the client. What's more? It's responsive..

    The client needed a rich interface - a responsive site, which we love doing our style. The team of webina media hand coded the template, which was then integrated to Joomla and was tested in devices.

    An Overview of the client:
    Designed for the modern connoisseur, The Fath Residencies consist of 59 spacious apartments spanning 12 floors, built with ultimate luxury and comfort in mind. The quiet residential neighbourhood is secure and private, ensuring that you can relax and unwind- the perfect start and end to your busy days.

    The Fath Residencies is a project of Fortress Developers, a company that employs the highest quality standards and engineering and design experts. Fortress Developers is a subsidiary of the Tajima Group of Companies.

    Fortress Developers
  • Studio FashionOpen or Close

    Launch date: 25th October 2014

    Studio Fashion

    An outsource project - based on AngularJS; a website

    An out sourcing project was granted to our team and we were happy to assist the company with our development that made them a Success! Technologies used were, AngularJS, HTML, CSS2 with form field validation – PHP.

  • ANZECSLOpen or Close

    Launch date: 14th September 2014


    A "Responsive, with our own design, div process and custom template installed to Joomla CMS" Project.

    Australian New Zealand Education Consultants or ANZEC is a Student Counseling and Promotion Service established in 1994. The client wanted a site that’s elegant and a site that’s functional in PC’s, Smartphone’s, needless to say - be Responsive!

    Webina Media’s overall development consisted in: understanding the need, creating the theme in Photo Shop, HTML 5, CSS3 to div the concept enabling support for desktop’s and Smartphone’s to be Responsive (used our own Custom Responsive Code, no Bootstrap), creating our own template to install to a Joomla 2.5 CMS (Content management system) so the company could sustain the project with ease...! From content writing to development and final completion the project was launched!

  • Le StoreOpen or Close

    Launch date: 10th March 2014

    Le Store

    A Web Project and a Corporate CD Project.

    The client wanted a elegant web site and a corporate cd for marketing purposes.

    We made it possible to reach the design taste to suit all users, clinging to technologies such as - web:HTML, CSS and for the corporate cd, we used Adobe Flash!

  • Openskies Flight TrainingOpen or Close

    Launch date: 19th June 2012

    Openskies Flight Training

    A web Project based on joomla CMS.

    Openskies Flight Training (Private) Limited is a nationaly accredited Civil Aviation Approved Flight Training Organisation providing Approved Pilot Training Programs for International and Sri Lankan Students.

    From logo design, to the content; layout design and in the div process, incorporated the custom template to Joomla CMS 2.5 that made site sustanance easy to our client!